About Outer Edge

Outer Edge Projectiles was founded in 2007 by Steve Hurt, an experienced hunter and ballistician. Steve has also been involved in game management in Australia with extensive feral animal culling experience and has also been a technical contributor to the SSAA journal.

At that point in time Steve Hurt understood the shortcomings of both jacketed lead and solid copper bullets in relation to game hunting and feral animal control in Australia from feral goats up to water buffalo. Steve also had experience hunting in Africa and understood some of the issues using different bullet types on the all antelope as well as other medium, large and dangerous game on that continent.

Initially Steve Hurts’ vison was to produce a superior game hunting bullet that would perform at both short and long range from all angles on both light bodied and on the toughest game on the planet. The target range of bullets was a natural progression with the ability to produce precise tolerances of 1 micron from bullet to bullet and batch to batch with no base to ogive variation which has been a major problem for the Premium copper jacketed lead bullet makers. OEP Target projectiles are setting new standards in consistency and accuracy.

The wheels were set in motion and the team at Outer Edge invested heavily in some of the best technology available anywhere in the world including state-of-the-art CNC machinery and performance monitoring equipment.

The current hunting bullet designs don’t try and match the weights of conventional jacketed lead bullets or other copper bullets. Instead the OEP lighter, faster, tougher more aggressive ogive design bullets have produced both spectacular and consistent results on both small and large game with drop to the shot outcomes.

Outer Edge bullets set new standards in design, engineering precision and form factor tolerances.

“accuracy combined with
devastating terminal performance”

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