.284 (7mm) Hunting Bullets

Ball Bearing vs Hollow Point – whats the difference?

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  • 284 120gr HP

    Capable of taking all game up to the largest deer in States where legal.
  • 284 130gr HP

    This 130gr HP is suitable for medium and large game, up to and including Sambar in all States. A real bomb in the 7- 08, 7mm SAW, 7 x 57, 284W and 7mm Rem Mag.
  • 284 130gr BBT

    Outer Edge Projectiles 130 gr BBT like all our BBT products delivers the same performance as the HP but with increased BC. Suitable for all game up to Red deer and Sambar. Like the 130 HP the BBT is awesome out of any 7mm.
  • 284 132gr HP

    Sambar legal 7mm bullet in Victoria and can used with confidence on all other deer species as well as goats and pigs. Devastating performance from 7mm SAW, 284W, 7mm Rem Mag or 7mm Rum with 1:9 barrels.
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