.224 (5.6mm) Hunting Bullets

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  • 224-14-36 BBT

    $78.50 Use in any .224 1:14 twist barrel as found in the modern 22 Hornets as well as 222,223, 22 250 and 220 Swift. Explosive on rabbits, foxes and feral cats!
  • 224-9-51 BBT

    $82.10 Any 224 with a 1:9 or faster twist barrel. Suitable for rabbits, hares, foxes, dogs, cats and heavier game with good shot placement. Ideal spotlighting bullet.
  • 224-8-57 BBT

    $83.00 The 57gr punches well above its weight and with well-placed shots is capable of taking medium game with a shot just behind the front leg into the heart lung area, head or neck. However, if used in a high velocity 224 such as the 22 250 with a 1 in 8 twist barrel or a ...
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