.243 (6mm) Hunting Bullets

Ball Bearing Tip Vs Hollow Point

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  • 243-7-90 BBT

    $94.90 Requiring a 1:7 twist the OEP 90gr is a powerhouse in 6 mm bullet performance and is intended for longer ranges on medium game. It is able to reach the vitals from multiple shot angles.
  • 243-8-80 BBT

    $90.75 The 80gr is a leader in the 6mm hunting class with 1:8 barrels, and is capable of taking game larger than other jacketed lead bullets of the same weight due to its 98%+ weight retention. The 80gr BBT packs a big punch for a .243 and is suitable for medium game.
  • 243-9-72 BBT

    $89.95 OEP 72gr delivers the same type of performance as the 69gr but requires a 1:9 twist and can take foxes, goats, pigs and the smaller deer species at sensible hunting ranges.
  • 243-10-69 BBT (243 Win)

    $89.00 This 69gr is the best choice for newer 243W factory rifles and can reliably take foxes, goats and pigs and with correctly placed shots smaller deer species under 200 yards.
  • 243-10-65 BBT (6 mm BR)

    $89.00 This 65gn bullet is ideal for small game out of most 6mm cartridges. However, the 65 can take pigs, goats and even small deer with good shot placement at realistic ranges under 200 yards. A fun flat shooting bullet out of the 6BR or 6 x 47 for rabbits and foxes.
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