.277 Hunting Bullets

Ball Bearing Tip Vs Hollow Point

Ball Bearing Tip (BBT) v Hollow Point (HP)

“both will have the same deadly terminal performance retaining 95%+ of their original weight, maintaining momentum to penetrate from any angle and reliably expand from point blank range out to the 1800fps velocity threshold”.
The only difference is that BBT range of hunting bullets were designed to increase BC by 8% to 15% for maximum performance at the extreme range for each cartridge. However, BBT do not offer any advantage over the standard OEP hollow points bullet under a 350 yard hunting range.

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  • 277-10-132 BBT

    $103.95 A heavy duty 270 bullet, designed to legally hunt sambar deer in Victoria and is more than capable of that task. Also works extremely well for pigs and goats. A true “Jack the Giant” killer bullet.
  • 277-10-120 BBT

    $98.40 The 120 BBT is equal to most conventional 140gr jacketed lead bullets and is deadly on any medium size game including Fallow, Chital, Rusa and Reds in States where legal.
  • 277-10-110 HP

    $91.10 The 110 HP is equal to most conventional 130gr jacketed lead bullets in displacement and is deadly on any medium game such as pigs, goats and medium size deer in States where legal to use.
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