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Ball Bearing Tip VS Hollow Point – whats the difference?

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  • 308 135gr HP

    Nice light weight 308 bullet option with mild recoil, equal to any 155gr jacketed lead bullet. Ideal for pigs, goats and deer in a 1:12” twist barrel.
  • 308 140gr HP

    Pigs, goats, scrub cattle and all deer species plus the odd camel.
  • 308 140gr BBT

    The higher BC equivalent of the 140 HP bullet. Intended for longer range shots on pigs, goats and all deer species plus a stray camel
  • 308 150gr HP

    The easiest 308 bullets you will ever tune and load with exceptional terminal performance. Most useful in the 308W, 30-06, 300WM. Deadly on all game up to Sambar and Camels.
  • 308 160gr BBT

    The OEP 308 powerhouse bullet suitable for all larger game animals including sambar, donkeys, scrub bulls and camels. The BBT with a G1 BC of .469 BC extends the effective range of the magnum 30 calibres such as the 300 WSM and 300WM.
  • 308 178gr FN

    The ultimate in deep penetration, short range 30 calibre terminal performance. Awesome for big pigs in the lignum with a lever gun.
  • 308 175gr BBT

    The long range hunting option for 1:9 twist rifles on all deer species as well as big boars, scrub bulls and camels. Equal to, if not superior to a 200gr + Premium grade jacketed lead bullet in displacement and terminal performance.
  • 308 195gr BBT

    The ideal long range hunting option for the new specification 1:8.5 twist 300 Norma. Suitable for all deer species as well as big boars, scrub bulls and camels. Superior to a 215gr + Premium grade jacketed lead bullet in terminal performance.
  • 308 205gr BBT

    Even more long range grunt than the 195gr, this bullet, with an impressive G1 BC of 0.645. Is capable of devastating terminal performance on medium to large game at extended range.
  • 308 215gr BBT

    With a 1:7 twist barrel, this bullet is the ultimate 30 cal. long range hunting missile with an impressive BC of 0.709, double diameter expansion out to 1,800 fps and 98%+ weight retention. The 215 is King of the heap in terms of long range 30 calibre hunting authority.
  • 323 173gr EU HP

    Designed for the 8 x 57 European .323 barrels. Not to be used in old 0.318 spec 8 x 57 Bullet ID 323 11 173 EU HP Calibre .323 Twist 1:11 Weight 173gr G1 BC .428 Length 33.70 mm Ogive 20.00 mm Tip Hollow Point Base Boat tail Box Qty 50   END USE: All...
  • 323 180gr US HP

    Bullet ID 323 11 180 US HP Calibre .323 Twist 1:11 Weight 180gr G1 BC .426 Length 34.70 mm Ogive 19.10 mm Tip Hollow Point Base Boat tail Box Qty 50   END USE: Outer Edge Projectile 8mm 180 is a potent bullet intended for modern cartridges such as the 325 WSM and 8 mm...
  • 338 161gr HP

    Don’t let the lighter bullet weight fool you into thinking this bullet isn’t capable of short range knock down performance on all game including sambar. The 161 HP is ideal for the 338 Federal and 338 06 for hunting pigs, goats and deer.
  • 338 212gr HP

    The 212 HP is very practical for the 338 06 and has been very effectively used in that cartridge on scrub bulls in the Northern Territory. A bomb out of the 338 WM and 338 Edge, this bullet is more than capable of taking Sambar, Scrub Bulls and Camels and even Water Buffalo in the...
  • 338 230gr HP

    Short and long range option for the 338 Winchester Magnum. Maximum weight retention, momentum and penetration for the toughest game animals such as scrub bulls, water buffalo, and sambar.
  • 338 234gr BBT (Lapua)

    The 234 gr boasts a G1 BC of .631 for long range hunting of all medium to large game and has taken sambar at extremely long distances. Suitable for magazine feeding in 338 Lapua and Norma cartridges.
  • 338 239gr HP

    The 239 HP is still available but has been superseded by the 234 BBT. If you aren’t an existing user of the 239 HP with established accurate loads, then the 234 BBT may be a better choice.
  • 338 240gr FN

    A get close and fight dirty knock down bullet for scrub work, big boars in the lignum or sambar in the blackberry bushes. Deep penetrating authority!
  • 358 196gr HP

    The 35 Whelan has taken a myriad of game species on most continents. The Outer Edge 196 HP turns this old war horse cartridge into a formidable calibre, able to take most game including scrub cattle and Sambar deer. The Whelan has also been used on buff in the NT.
  • 366 229gr HP

    The 229 HP has accounted for scrub bull, water buffalo and big boars. A potent and deadly bullet in the 9.3 cartridge with proven African big game hunting heritage.
  • 366 260gr FN

    The 260 FN is another get in close and fight dirty hunting bullet for boars, bulls and buff. The 260 FN is a phenomenal close range authority.
  • 375 200gr BBT

    The venerable 375 H & H does have some application when used on smaller game. So if your chasing pigs, goats or deer in the scrub and want fast expansion and plenty of knock down, then the 200 BBT is the best bullet choice for this never say die cartridge.
  • 375 265gr BBT

    When it comes to tackling big, tough game like XOS boars, scrub bulls, camels and water buffalo the 265 gr BBT’s will deliver the goods. The bullet is able to expand and hold together, to drill deep through muscle and bone to take out big and often dangerous game.
  • 375 270gr FN

    The 270 FN is another get in close and fight dirty hunting bullet for boars, bulls and buff. The 270 FN is phenomenal close range authority.
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