.323 (8mm) Hunting Bullets

Ball Bearing Tip Vs Hollow Point

Ball Bearing Tip (BBT) v Hollow Point (HP)

“both will have the same deadly terminal performance retaining 95%+ of their original weight, maintaining momentum to penetrate from any angle and reliably expand from point blank range out to the 1800fps velocity threshold”.
The only difference is that BBT range of hunting bullets were designed to increase BC by 8% to 15% for maximum performance at the extreme range for each cartridge. However, BBT do not offer any advantage over the standard OEP hollow points bullet under a 350 yard hunting range.

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  • 323-11-180 US HP (325 WSM)

    $120.80 Bullet ID 323-11-180 US HP Calibre .323 Twist 1:11 Weight 180gr G1 BC .426 Length 34.70 mm Ogive 19.10 mm Tip Hollow Point Base Boat tail Box Qty 50   END USE: Outer Edge Projectile 8mm 180 is a potent bullet intended for modern cartridges such as the 325 WSM and 8 mm Remington Magnum....
  • 323-11-173 EU HP (8mm Mauser)

    $118.55 Designed for the 8 x 57 European .323 barrels. Not to be used in old 0.318 spec 8 x 57 Bullet ID 323-11-173 EU HP Calibre .323 Twist 1:11 Weight 173gr G1 BC .428 Length 33.70 mm Ogive 20.00 mm Tip Hollow Point Base Boat tail Box Qty 50   END USE: All deer species...
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