.338 Hunting Bullets

Ball Bearing Tip Vs Hollow Point

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  • 338-10-240 FN

    $118.55 A get close and fight dirty knock down bullet for scrub work, big boars in the lignum or sambar in the blackberry bushes. Deep penetrating authority!
  • 338-10-239 HP (Lapua)

    $143.15 The 239 HP is still available but has been superseded by the 234 BBT. If you aren’t an existing user of the 239 HP with established accurate loads, then the 234 BBT may be a better choice.
  • 338-10-234 BBT (Lapua)

    $151.40 The 234 gr boasts a G1 BC of .631 for long range hunting of all medium to large game and has taken sambar at extremely long distances. Suitable for magazine feeding in 338 Lapua and Norma cartridges.
  • 338-10-230 HP

    $137.55 Short and long range option for the 338 Winchester Magnum. Maximum weight retention, momentum and penetration for the toughest game animals such as scrub bulls, water buffalo, and sambar.
  • 338-10-212 HP

    $129.70 The 212 HP is very practical for the 338 06 and has been very effectively used in that cartridge on scrub bulls in the Northern Territory. A bomb out of the 338 WM and 338 Edge, this bullet is more than capable of taking Sambar, Scrub Bulls and Camels and even Water Buffalo in the...
  • 338-12-161 HP

    $110.15 Don’t let the lighter bullet weight fool you into thinking this bullet isn’t capable of short range knock down performance on all game including sambar. The 161 HP is ideal for the 338 Federal and 338 06 for hunting pigs, goats and deer.
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