.375 Hunting Bullets

Ball Bearing Tip Vs Hollow Point

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  • 375-12-270 FN

    $75.25 The 270 FN is another get in close and fight dirty hunting bullet for boars, bulls and buff. The 270 FN is phenomenal close range authority.
  • 375-12-265 BBT

    $86.50 When it comes to tackling big, tough game like XOS boars, scrub bulls, camels and water buffalo the 265 gr BBT’s will deliver the goods. The bullet is able to expand and hold together, to drill deep through muscle and bone to take out big and often dangerous game.
  • 375-16-200 BBT

    $75.25 The venerable 375 H & H does have some application when used on smaller game. So if your chasing pigs, goats or deer in the scrub and want fast expansion and plenty of knock down, then the 200 BBT is the best bullet choice for this never say die cartridge.
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