224 57gr BBT

Ball Bearing Tip VS Hollow Point – whats the difference?


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Bullet ID 224 8 57 BBT
Calibre .224
Twist 1:8
Weight 57gr
G1 BC .264
Length 23mm
Ogive 12.72mm
Tip Steel ball bearing
Base Boat Tail
Box Qty 50



  • The 57gr punches well above its weight and with well-placed shots is capable of taking medium game with a shot just behind the front leg into the heart lung area, head or neck. However, if used in a high velocity 224 such as the 22 250 with a 1 in 8 twist barrel or a 22 Creedmoor, some fragmentation can occur at close range. In a 222 or 223 with 1:8 barrels the 57gr will allow these cartridges to take on medium game up to 200 metres with well-placed shots.


  • Discounts for bulk purchase 5 or more.
  • All OEP’s are assumed to have a Short Start Initiation Pressure (SSIP) of 3,626 psi.
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