264 139gr BBT

Ball Bearing Tip VS Hollow Point – whats the difference?


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Bullet ID 264 7 139 BBT
Calibre: .264 or 6.5 mm
Twist: 1:7”
Weight: 139 gr
G1 BC: 0.573
Length: 38.74 mm
Ogive: 26.34 mm
Tip: Steel Ball Bearing
Base: Boat Tail



  • Suitable for all medium game and large deer in States where legal. This 6.5 bullet can deliver some serious damage at both short and long ranges. So if you have a 1:7 twist barrel, this bullet can take game that would normally be tackled with a 7mm or 308 calibres. Used in any large capacity cases like the 6.5 PRC, 6.5 x 284 or 6.5 Weatherby, this bullet becomes a cruise missile with heavy duty down range terminal performance. Expect full expansion and maximum weight retention exceeding 95% post impact.


  • Discounts for bulk purchase 5 or more.
  • All OEP’s are assumed to have a Short Start Initiation Pressure (SSIP) of 3,626 psi.
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