264 112gr HP

Ball Bearing Tip VS Hollow Point – whats the difference?


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Bullet ID 264 8 112 HP
Calibre .264 or 6.5mm
Twist 1:8
Weight 112gr
G1 BC .391
Length 33.00 mm
Ogive 19.00 mm
Tip Hollow Point
Base Boat tail
Box Qty 50



  • The .264 or 6.5mm 112 HP bullet will deliver emphatic kills on all animals up to Red deer in States where legal. Shoulder shots on fallow will smash through shoulder bones, ribs and spine along the way, that is AAA rated terminal performance.


  • Discounts for bulk purchase 5 or more.
  • All OEP’s are assumed to have a Short Start Initiation Pressure (SSIP) of 3,626 psi.
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