338 161gr HP

Ball Bearing Tip VS Hollow Point – whats the difference?


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Bullet ID 338 12 161 HP
Calibre .338
Twist 1:12
Weight 161gr
G1 BC .356
Length 30.00 mm
Ogive  19.00 mm
Tip Hollow Point
Base  Boat tail
Box Qty 50



  • Don’t let the lighter bullet weight fool you into thinking this bullet isn’t capable of short range knock down performance on all game including sambar. The 161 HP is ideal for the 338 Federal and 338 06 for hunting pigs, goats and deer.


  • Discounts for bulk purchase 5 or more.
  • All OEP’s are assumed to have a Short Start Initiation Pressure (SSIP) of 3,626 psi.
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