375-12-265 BBT



Box of: 25

Ball Bearing Tip


Hollow Point

(5 Boxes) $77.85
(500 Projectiles) $
Bullet ID 375-12-265 BBT
Calibre .375
Twist 1:12
Weight 265gr
G1 BC .360
Length 36.30 mm
Ogive 18.80 mm
Tip Hollow Point
Base Boat tail
Box Qty 25



  • When it comes to tackling big, tough game like XOS boars, scrub bulls, camels and water buffalo the 265 gr BBT’s will deliver the goods. The bullet is able to expand and hold together, to drill deep through muscle and bone to take out big and often dangerous game.


  • Discounts for bulk purchase 5 or more.
  • All OEP’s are assumed to have a Short Start Initiation Pressure (SSIP) of 3,626 psi.
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