Outer Edge Projectiles

Outer Edge Projectiles manufacture and stock a wide range of Gen2 CNC machined copper Premium Grade high performance hunting and target bullets, right here in Australia, and are 100% Australian owned.

The Outer Edge range of target projectiles are transonically tuned (stable through the transonic zone), and feature machined meplats which don’t require pointing or trimming. All Outer Edge projectiles are CNC machined to micron tolerance and do not vary from bullet to bullet or batch to batch. This dissolves the need for annoying, time wasting and costly ogive to base measurement; making the setting of Cartridge Overall length (COAL) and jump to the lands specification a breeze.

Outer Edge hunting projectiles are not only stunningly accurate, they address the shortcomings of both old style first generation copper bullets, and traditional jacketed lead bullets alike in relation to terminal performance at both short and longer ranges. The critical point for any hunting bullet’s performance is what happens when the bullet hits the target – not the weight of the bullet in the magazine, or the velocity or muzzle energy when it leaves the barrel!

Our hunting bullets feature aggressive ogives and the results in the field are spectacular, with devastating drop to the shot performance on all game from goats and pigs to sambar, all the way up to water buffalo.

Outer Edge hunting bullets achieve this through the following design criteria……

  • Will not blow apart at close ranges – ultra reliable construction
  • Rapid and reliable expansion – the days of pin holing are over
  • Retain 95% + bullet weight to maintain momentum and deep, straight line penetration
  • Punch through the shoulder and other heavy bones and ribs
  • Expand down to the 1,600 – 1800fps velocity threshold – enabling long range reliability
  • Raking shots from multiple angles (subject to calibre and game) to reach the vitals – increasing your effective shot options

Outer Edge offers a reliable ongoing supply to ensure our customers’ needs are always met.

Stunningly accurate – Devastating terminal performance

Try Outer Edge Projectiles once and there’s no going back to ordinary!